Monday, June 10, 2013

Do nots

 photo Joes_zpscf50fa14.jpg

Although I love me some Sloppy Joes, I think that this looks hideous...

 photo ffd4bc28-3b7a-47dc-b935-6a6178d7645d_zps75252abf.jpg

I suppose Krispy Creme didn't want to be outdone by Dunkin Donuts and their recent unleashing of this...

 photo 945390c4-5d9a-40a1-bc5c-e72cf8781083_zps4e37e87d.jpg

Now THAT looks kind of awesome.

And just when you don't think that people could get any more ridiculous about their eating habits, Burger King Latin America comes along and introduces this...

 photo 3e1d990d-755d-486d-b360-89c400123c18_zpsa731c151.jpg

Yes, it's a lazy bastard's way to eat one of their burgers.

How does that work, you say?

Remind you of anything?

 photo b00c1326-0185-4023-ac89-be86ab98656b_zpsf5087ca0.jpg

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