Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wig Struck

 photo 26969f70-bdac-4a39-b3fd-4122eefdf553_zpseec55276.jpg

Cher performed the first single off of her upcoming album, Closer to the Truth, last night on the finale of The Voice. She also gave a nice half hour interview before the show, which you can watch here (the first minute or so of the interview reveals the lyrics to the song A Woman's World, which she sang).

She was certainly very calm/collected during the interview and actually seemed to be enjoying herself. At 67, perhaps she's mellowed out just a bit from previous years.

Well...she hasn't mellowed out that much.

 photo b42be192-cf2e-4f9e-ab64-675638688a3c_zps25c49895.jpg

Not sure what possessed her to strap on two Carrot Top wigs and a pair of Bieber-crotchless-pants for her performance on the show, but she's Cher.

She doesn't care what anyone thinks.

And that's the way we like her.

Here is her performance on The Voice last night....

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