Friday, June 14, 2013

Super Friday

 photo df51dd36-7c61-4811-8f18-d29730f38a07_zpsd3543713.jpg

Man of Steel opens today (and I've already got tickets to see it on Sunday)!!

I'm trying to keep my expectations low, just so I'm not disappointed like I was with Star Trek Into Darkness. However, the reviews have been pretty good overall, so that's encouraging.

In honor of its opening, I give you some images of Wonder Woman spinning.

Although she is in the DC Universe, she has nothing to do with this movie (at least not to my knowledge), so I've posted them for the sole reason that...they make me laugh.

 photo WWSpin_zpscd29dd14.gif

 photo WWSpin3_zpsdc350e9f.gif

 photo WWSpin5_zpsd40e430a.gif

Oh...and we can't forget the cape (for special occasions, like...the opening of Man of Steel)!

 photo WWCape2_zps45163884.gif

 photo WWCape_zpse125b32b.gif

I love the "hair-flip" she does before walking off in the last one.

And for the pure Spin-addicts, my friend Roland sent me this video...the slow-motion spins from the first season (ALL of them).


Gold shiny belt...check!

And then she heads out wondering what to do with her neatly folded clothes.



Boston Mark said...

I loves me a lil Diana Prince - and i'm not even a scif- fan! Are repeats being shown anywhere?!!!

Roland said...

What? No first season slow motion double exposure versions. I found this "evolution" clip for you. I like how it ends with a tummy check.

Vampire Hours said...

I too. I have all three seasons of "Wonder Woman" on DVD. You are welcome to borrow them whenever you need a fix. =)

Vampire Hours said...

I couldn't find a double exposure animated gif (wasn't doing video twirls today). I saw one gif (the first one) and it made me I ended up going to find others (hence the post).

Vampire Hours said...

The spin video has been added, Roland. =)