Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SuperBoy TV Series?

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I have always watched a lot of television. Probably more than any sane person should admit to. Of course, sanity is overrated.

However, until today after looking over various articles on Man of Steel (which I really enjoyed), I had never heard of the TV series The Adventures of Superboy that ran from 1988-1992.

How did I miss this?

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It was even produced by the same people who made the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and I LOVED those (well, at least the first two).

It just boggles my mind that I've never even heard of the show and I used to watch anything on TV that had Superheroes...


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Wonder Woman

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The Super Friends

 photo SF_zps0a8c6a92.jpg

The Flash

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 photo 363e1404-5174-438b-886a-3fa07e922ee0_zpsd42af672.jpg

The Greatest American Hero

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The Man from Atlantis

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Lois and Clark

 photo ad49a19e-5691-4313-a945-47b3556b3a66_zpsfa38ec7d.jpg

Bigfoot and Wildboy

 photo 56367471-fd93-4fb8-8501-c71e889e72c5_zps4cae7d23.jpg

The Secrets of Isis

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 photo c591ae09-207a-45ff-b3ec-7bfe544c680f_zps577b1921.jpg

The Amazing Spiderman

 photo 05af93af-37b3-41a6-9679-73c6cf280774_zpsd26cfd91.jpg

Birds of Prey

\ photo 2366120e-dfbb-4e29-9083-c65965bc3579_zpsec05884f.jpg

The Bugaloos

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 photo 7564bf36-4f4a-4fb4-a0ed-eab49c673551_zpse92c4baf.jpg

The Hulk

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Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

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Even this horrible live TV Special: The Legends of the Superheroes.

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So, I ask you again...how did I miss The Adventures of Superboy over the course of four years on TV?

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Seriously...I need to know.


Eric said...

Well if you weren't alive during the time than that could be a reason, it was not aired on reruns due to so many distribution companies owning it. If you were alive during the time, I don't remember it being advertised much

VoyagerG said...

Love all the blast from the past Superhero photos! It's just as Eric said. Once Superboy left syndication in 1992 it was shot to the Phantom Zone. I remember a few advertisements when it was bounced around networks like NBC and later WWOR 9 (At least in NYC) A terrible injustice as it was a really cool series that got better with each season. But the great thing is now it's available on DVD (Season 4 coming soon) and ITunes download has all 4 seasons.

RikerDonegal said...

Depends on where you live. In the USA, it aired in syndication and was a huge ratings success. But it might not have been airing in your city? Syndication is funny like that.

Are you in the USA? I'm in Ireland. Over here, it got a huge push on one of the main UK networks (ITV, when it aired where The A-Team had been airing) so the exposure was massive at the start.