Friday, August 23, 2013

He is Batman

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The Internets are all a flutter over the announcement that Ben Affleck will be playing an older Batman who battles Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel Batman vs Superman (July 2015).

The clenching of geek-sphincter all around the world has gotten out of control.

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Honestly, I really don't think it matters. He'll be just as good as almost anyone else playing Batman. Lord knows we've gone through enough of them over the years. I don't recall anyone thinking Michael Keaton was the perfect person to play Batman (myself included) and he surprised us all.

Of course, people are over-reacting all over Twitter...which is actually pretty entertaining. If you want to see a great collection of the many responses to this announcement, check out this list of the 50 Greatest Tweets about Ben Affleck's casting as Batman.

This one is my favorite...

NATH @IronCoreMedia


1 Paula Deen 
 2 A cats butthole 
3 Ben Affleck's mom 
4 A No. 2 Pencil 
5 Don Knotts 
6 Caulk 
7 All of China 
8 AC/DC 8:39 AM 

Oh...the kids.

It's not like the movie is a serious drama based in reality. It's Batman fighting Superman. In that reality, that fight should last about all of one minute.
  • Batman punches Superman in the face.
  • No affect.
  • Superman punches Batman in the face.
  • No face remains.
  • Game over.
We all know it's not going to end that'll be dragged out for at least a half hour or more. So why even care about the "reality" of a Superhero movie anyway. Just git yer popcorn, a giant sody pop, and sit back and enjoy.

Someone mentioned that they should cast Tilda Swinton as Lex Luthor and, as funny as that was, I would be psyched if they cast her and made Lex an Alexis Luthor.

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No one in their right mind should ever mess with Tilda Swinton.

In other Superhero movie news...

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Bradley Cooper is finalizing his deal to do the voice of the "Rocket Raccoon" character in the now-filming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

I can see that. I mean, HEAR that.

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And, Elizabeth Olsen is finalizing her deal to play the "Scarlet Witch" in the upcoming Avengers:Age of Ulton sequel.

Yes, she is the sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

And NO, neither of them will be in any of the movies mentioned above.

So...carry on people.

Nothing to see here...

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