Monday, August 5, 2013

Twit Pics

 photo a374db3f-7153-481d-8e88-8e0e3a4c6054_zps0394d984.jpg

Kellan Lutz tweeted a pic of himself from the Hercules movie that he is currently filming (which will compete with the one that Dwayne Johnson is also filming now).

I don't think Dwayne has to worry too much about Kellan's version, which I imagine might head direct to OnDemand upon release.

 photo 07252505-ea0e-432f-a783-4a48c2d7c6a9_zps7035ed44.jpg

Also, Brian Singer tweeted a pic of a full-size Sentinel that will be featured in his upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Here's a little clip that explains the origin of the Sentinels...

Those would be a huge help in the fall when the gutters need to be cleaned out.

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