Thursday, August 29, 2013

Old Chum

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Award-winning creature designer and judge on Face Off (and my old roommate), Neville Page, recently uploaded some of the cool Klingon designs to his site that were being considered for Star Trek Into Darkness. Pretty awesome...

 photo c41eefcb-ae21-4842-b650-c5ff32fd16db_zps5cdff85c.jpg

 photo e3b0fc53-d0ae-499f-9a77-94af63ded373_zps9ce145d0.jpg

 photo 6ca53522-8909-4eb9-9c21-c3f64ad92697_zps1dd536a2.jpg

 photo 62560bb8-32c9-4cc4-845a-2f8e253a4260_zpsb8cab177.jpg

They look so life-like and, oddly...kind of attractive.

 photo a9fc67b6-13b3-4cfa-8296-aae7a5c0192e_zps87f010a8.jpg

How YOU doin'?

 photo 1ce4e416-4b90-4d46-b3e9-6b3142751620_zpsdb898b9b.jpg

It's really inspiring when someone you know is so talented, works very hard, and then ends up building an amazing career out of doing something that they actually love.

I remember when Neville was just one of my roomies, sitting around the apartment molding utensils out of Silly Putty so he'd have something to eat his instant Ramen Noodles with...and now look at him...

 photo Neville_zps93cafcab.jpg

I told him those soups had too much salt and were bad for his skin.

No one ever listens to me...

The last pic is really Neville made up as one of the Romulans he designed and wore in the first Star Trek movie he did with JJ Abrams.

His actual moisturizing regime is Hollywood-approved and child-safe.

To see more samples of some of his work from such films as Prometheus, Avatar, Cloverfield, Tron, and more..check out his cool Web site.

via: Gawker

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