Tuesday, August 27, 2013


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The latin Ryan Seacrest, Mario Lopez, seems to have found a new way into the hearts and clogged arteries of world by allowing Dove to sculpt his heaving bosoms out of chocolate for their recent "Mint and Dark Chocolate Candies" promotion.

 photo 3f20a7fb-9e70-4522-bed2-ee23e2e19e39_zpsc897e5fe.jpg

The "frosty" head is somewhat creepy and the overall bust looks like it should be guarding some sacred temple out on Easter Island (or Fire Island, for that matter).

But, as far as the overall likeness to Mario...

 photo d01c6911-3105-4408-bbfa-5bcaa9f8e77e_zps5dc26f61.jpg

I suppose we can all look past the minty Ted Danson eyebrows and hair and support Dove for the greater good.

And for the children.

If you'd like to recreate a similar chocolate lover of your own for a lonely weekend or as a date to an upcoming wedding or family reunion...here is how Dove did it:

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