Friday, January 9, 2009


She's not gonna be ignored, Dan!

The second season of "Damages" started this week and, from the looks of the first episode, it seems to be just as dark, twisted and interesting as the first season was last year.

Glenn Close is great as Patty Hewes, a relentless lawyer who will do anything (and she does just about everything) to win her case. She's always been a great actress and really hasn't worked as much as she, it's good to see her playing a juicy role that she can sink her teeth into weekly.

I'm also impressed with, believe it or not, Ted Danson. He played the main protagonist last season and it's a role that is as far from Sam Malone as he could possibly get. He was shot at the end of last season, but appears to be recovering now and still playing an intergral part in this new season too.

William Hurt (who also co-starred with Glenn Close years ago in "The Big Chill") and Marcia Gay Harden have also hopped onboard as new characters that seem to be the main focus of this new season.

So, with a talented group like should be an interesting year of dramatic foreboding Lady Macbeth-y legal madness.

Now, if they could just figure out a way to integrate Denny Crane and Alan Shore into the mix...

That would be heaven....sheer heaven.


Sissy said...

Glen. Close. Just. Scares. Me.

Vampire Hours said...

You don't have a bunny or a pot of water on the stove, do ya'?

If need to fear.