Monday, January 26, 2009

Brother, no sisters

I went to a friend's house for a little gathering on Friday night and Matthew Rhys (the gay brother, Kevin, on "Brothers and Sisters") was there.


He has a very heavy Welsh accent (English, not rabbit), was very personable and didn't hide away from everyone, which was nice. He and I chatted briefly while trying to decide who was going to take the last spring roll (I did what I usually do. Two people reach, I say "Oh, you take it" and they say "No, you go ahead and take it" and then I say "Okay" and then I take it..the food only gets colder if the banter continues).

I told him how much I loved the show and asked him if he had fun working on it. He said that he really did and that it was great working with such a nice group of people. Then, as I was about to ask him about Sally Field, the gal in the picture above staggered in, grabbed his hand and said "Oh, you've got to go see these people dance" and pulled him away before I could finish our conversation.

Welcome to my world...

So, I got my Sally Field fix by watching "Sybil" again this weekend. You know how much I enjoy watching that...

Oscar hadn't seen it before and said he wanted to watch it, so I cautiously agreed. You know how it is when you love a movie and then you watch it with a hope they do too (it can be a deal-breaker for some people).

Thankfully he loved it.

Sally Field's performace in that TV movie still holds up today as one of the most compelling by an actor....ever.

And the best part was, there were no drunk girls dragging Oscar away during the show.

There would have been some serious weave-pulling if that had happened.


Brad said...


but no Oscar pics.... :(

Vampire Hours said...

You do know that the restraining order is still in effect, right?