Friday, January 16, 2009

Your call is important to us

When you need a laugh...

You can always rely on Ross.

While eating dinner at my desk this week, I decided to catch up on Ross the Intern's blog over at NBC. I used to read/watch his TalkyBlogs daily, but with the holidays and all...I haven't stopped by in a little while. Two hours later, I had a permanent smile etched into my face. He is so energetic and entertaining that you can't help but just sit there and laugh.

Take this entry, for instance.

His flight home got cancelled around Christmas and, after having trouble rebooking it over the phone with the airlines, he decided to see if he could do it online. Unfortunately, the online "help" system wasn't much help and Ross, after trying to remain positive, patient, and understanding throughout the whole ordeal, ended up having some virtual words with "Jen", the automated online customer service representative.

"I don't respond to that type of language, what else can I help you with?"

Very funny.

A group of my friends and I chatted with him at a club one night last year and he was just as nice, polite and entertaining as you would think he would be.

Of course, few videos have ever made me laugh as much as this one that features a very early appearance by Ross on the "Tonight Show" (way before he lost all the weight on "Celebrity Fit Club"), featuring his HI-larious afternoon with the late Steve Erwin...the Crocodile Hunter.

"Pineapple, Pineapple, PINEAPPLE!!!"

OMG.....He slays me!

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