Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"Lost" returns for a new season tonight, which is very exciting.

I know it has lost a lot of viewers over the past couple of years because of all the random storylines and existential plot-jumping. But, last season's fast-forward in time really grabbed me and I remain hooked on seeing how things turn out.

For those of you who haven't watched it in a while, perhaps the latest parody from JustForLaughs (which also brings some cast members from "Heroes" onto the island) will reignite your interest.

"Hey dude, you've got some Parkman on ya'."


Brad said...

I admit it, I got lost by Lost. I'll give it another shot. The season openers are always the best place to jump back in.

The 'Sawyer' doll looks more like Brendan Frasier. Or is it just me?

Vampire Hours said...

He does look a little Brendan Frasier-esque, now that you mention it. Although, I have to admit, they did a pretty good job with the likenesses on the main characters. Most show's action figures look like ass...

Hopefully the season opener of the show tonight will be good. If nothing else, hopefully we'll find out just where the island went during the season finale.

It just...disappeared.

Insert creepy music here.