Friday, January 23, 2009

Prayers For Bobby

They mostly use Meredith Baxter-Birney, Lindsay Wagner and Jacqueline Smith for their movies.


Thankfully, Lifetime was able to snag Sigourney Weaver to play the mother in their new movie "Prayers for Bobby", airing tomorrow night and, again, on Sunday night. I'm hoping that it'll raise the bar a bit from their usual "My Stepfather, My Lover", "My Babysitter, My Lover" and "Margot Likes To Drink A Bit Too Much" melodramatic cheese-fests.

"Prayers" is a true story based on the best-selling book by Mary Griffith, a deeply religious woman who pressured her gay son so much to change, that he committed suicide. The story follows Mary's conflicted feelings of fear for her son's soul, grief over what has happened and her part in it, and what she overcame to change her views and help other parents, like her, to see things differently.

My expectations are on the low side (it's Lifetime, not HBO, after all), but with Sigourney Weaver leading the cast, it's likely we're going to be in for a compelling ride.

Plus, if it helps change the minds of even one conflicted family when they are presented with the same situation, then lives could be saved and a few more open-minded people will be walking the planet.

The world could certainly use more of those!

Here is the trailer...

Here is an interview with Sigourney Weaver and the real Mary Griffith:

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