Friday, January 30, 2009

Say What?

The audience is listening.

I caught up on OverheardInNewYork today and, although it's not as chock-a-block full of hilarious quotes from random people on the street as it used to be, there are still some very funny bits of conversation that will bring a smile to your face.

Like this one...

Girl (calmly): She's been having mood swings lately.
Older male friend: What?
Girl (calmly): Mood swings.
Older male friend: What?
Girl (angry): Mood swings, you ass bag!
--E Train

I like "ass bag"....I may have to start integrating that into my everyday conversations.

When I was at school this week, I overheard a big no-neck guy yell this gem into the college weight room:

"Coach, is it okay if I go pee-pee real quick?"

Talk about an ass bag...


Brad said...

I like that site. It's perfect for never ending friday afternoons, like this one. Over-heard-in-the-office has some good ones to.

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah, I like OverheardInTheOffice too. We've all heard our share of stupid stuff at work (but at least we were paid for it).