Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cher the love

Our friend Kerry really outdid herself this past weekend wrangling tickets to shows while we were in Vegas. Not only did she get us comps to see "Le Reve" on Friday night, she also knows a fearless gal who is an aerialist in Cher's new Vegas show. Through that connection, she was able to get four of us a birds-eye view of the show from the lightroom high above the theater for free (always within my budget).

Kerry rocked!

Although we weren't at eye level (as you'll notice from my pocket digital camera wee-zoom photos), we were able to get a wonderful unobstructed view of the entire show.

Because of the distance and all of the flashing lights and sparkles on and around Cher at all times (she never met a reflective material that she didn't like), I couldn't get great closeup shots of her...but, at least I was able to take several non-flash photos throughout the show without being dragged out of the theater.

The show was a lot of fun, starting with Cher descending from the back of the Celine Dion Theater in a Glinda the Good Witch-type glittery encasement, complete with three foot high lighted head-dress.

The show was pretty much exactly what you'd expect a Cher show to be...glamour, glitz and one extravagant costume change after another.

She'd usually sing a song or two, then disappear backstage while music played and aerialists and dancers kept the audience entertained until the next costume (with Cher wrapped tightly inside) appeared onstage either by floating gondola, gigantic Christmas Ornament or mystery trap door.

Cher looked and sounded great. Of course, from our high angle of sight...the whole show could have been performed by a drag queen and we never would have known the difference.

But, the banter and personality were definitely the Cher we all know and love.

So, a fun time was certainly had by all.

"Believe" it!


Joel Hoskins said...

Yeah, the pictures came out great, actually! Very funny post...

Vampire Hours said...

Thanks! Considering how high up we were...I'm surprised they came out at all. If you squint at the photos, it looks very Cher-esque.

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun! What a great weekend! Kerry

Vampire Hours said...

Thanks to your handy event and connection wrangling. Thank YOU, Ms. Kerry!!!

gonoles84 said...

Color me green.

Vampire Hours said...

No problem, Kermit.