Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Le Reve

I think the cast must live in le gym.

Thanks to our lovely and talented friend Kerry (and her wonderful friend in the cast who wrangled us comps), Oscar and I were treated to the breathtaking spectacle at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas called Le Reve.

It has to be one of the most beautiful shows I've ever seen.

The theater is gorgeous and, as you can tell by the photo I took before the show, there is not a bad seat in the house (everyone sits above and around the 1 million gallon pool/stage).

Le Reve doesn't mean "the river" as I initially assumed (obviously all of my years of French really paid off), but rather "The Dream"....which is exactly what you feel like you're watching when you experience this show.

My friend Andrew said "Enjoy the naked tree" and, when we asked what that meant, he said "You'll see".

And, shortly into the show, we knew exactly what he was talking about and...enjoy it, we did.

It's really difficult to describe the show accurately, because it's not just a bunch of genetically superior acrobats playing in the water (although, there is no shortage of those) for ninety minutes...far from it. It's like being pulled into a beautiful painting and watching it come to life all around and above you.

There is water, fire and wind...people "flying" down from 1000 feet above you like angels, then grabbing people below and hoisting them high into the heavens above...then casually releasing them, sending them plunging (without any support wires) into the water very far below.

You sit there in awe, gasping at the visual and emotional beauty one minute and, moments later, praying that someone doesn't miss their mark and end up dropping one of the fat-free performers onto the metal stage down below...or on you.

Of course, as with all Cirque-type shows, each cast member seems to have been specifically designed and manufactured by Oscar Goldman and his bionics team. It's the only way to explain how they can be so freakishly flexible and strong enough to, not only hold just their own body weight up high above the ground while grasping only folds of material, but to do "little" things like balancing on top of someone's head with ONLY one arm.

Oscar said "I can't even reach far enough around to scratch my own back without help".

We mere mortal still have own set of everyday challenges...

Here is a good montage of visuals and music from the show.

If you ever get to Vegas and would like to see a show unlike anything you'll likely find elsewhere in the world...go see Le Reve.

It's a visual and emotional journey that you'll not soon forget.

Tomorrow, I'll do some sharing about le Cher concert we also got to see.

If I could turn back tiiiiiimmme....

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