Monday, March 30, 2009

Star Trek movie posters

I think I like this UK version the best.

Now that we're just a little more than a month away from the release of the new "Star Trek" movie, versions of the movie posters are being released around the world. It's interesting to me that different posters are created for particular standard for everyone.

The Italian poster focuses only on the action, not the cast. I do like it, but it could be an ad for any Sci-Fi action movie.

The German version is similar to UK, but without Nero's eyes looking in...which I'm actually starting to prefer over the UK version now after comparing.

The Japanese version is just bright colors and the name...kinda boring.

And, out of all the different designs created, the US gets this simple version...hopefully they'll come out with at least one featuring the cast for us too.

Otherwise, I'm gonna start using my English accent and hope that I can wrangle one of the UK posters for my office.

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