Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wild thing

I don't know anything about this movie.

I've certainly seen books and merchandising over the years, but have never read "Where The Wild Things Are", a very popular book that many people of all ages seem to know and love.

However, like Watchmen, that won't stop me from going to see it.

I'm sure I'll be reading much more about the movie before it comes out in theaters in October. With a brand this popular, the media and PR machines usually start hyping it up as the opening week draws closer.

My first impression is that it looks interesting, for a movie with people in giant creature costumes. It'll either be cheesy and "Howard the Duck-y" or, possibly, entertaining and "Chronicles of Narnia-y" (the same team is working on this film too).

I guess time will tell....


Brad said...

Good lord child, you grew up with out "Where The Wild Things Are"? It's amazing you came out as nearly balanced as you are! Bless.

It was my first book and an all time favorite. Some poor screenwriter sure earned their keep if they were able to make a movie script out of that!

Vampire Hours said...

I know! So many people grew up with that book. Me...not so much. But, I am looking forward to the movie. Who knows, I might even read the book afterwards.

I hear there are many pictures, which helps.