Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Let's hope this is more "The Office" than "Kath and Kim".

FOX has started shooting the pilot for the US version of the cult British TV show "Absolutely Fabulous". Although my initial reaction is fear that it will suck, there are a few glimmers of hope with this particular production.

Jennifer Saunders (who played Edina in the original) is executive producing the show, James Burrows is directing the pilot (he of "Cheers", "Will and Grace" and "The Comeback" fame), and Kristin Johnson (from "3rd Rock from the Sun") is playing Patsy.

At least she looks like Joanna Lumley (who played Patsy so perfectly) from the original.

The original show was so outlandish, full of smoking, drinking and drugging and took place during a very different decade (the 90's). Plus, they were British, which usually adds a bit more bite to any comedy. Will Americans feel compelled to follow two uninhibited accent-free women here in the states?

Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and the Olsen twins seem to continue getting tabloid coverage for similar behavior.

It just might work.

Here is a great collection of clips from the original show (with a few german subtitles sprinkled in, so it's educational too)...

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