Saturday, June 14, 2008

Drama day


Who's that pretty lady?

We went to see "The Happening" yesterday with Kerry. She worked a few days on the film last year and we were looking forward to seeing how it all turned out. They had featured her scene in one of the trailers, so we hoped that meant the scene actually stayed in the final cut (sometimes, as the release date gets closer, scenes get cut at the last minute). Thankfully, her big scene was very much there and one of the most effective/dramatic scenes in the whole film.

As far as the film itself....well, Kerry's scene was great, there were a few very disturbing visual scenes early on and Betty Buckley's (the mom from "Eight is Enough" for you TV kids) scenes added some much needed tension.

Overall...did I mention that Kerry's scene was great and that Betty Buckley was in it?


After stopping by a local crepe place for an after-movie snack, we headed back to the apartment so Kerry could get ready for her performance at the theater a few hours later. It would be the first time I've seen her in a play and I was really looking forward to it. I've heard her sing a bit around the apartment (my favorite improved song she did was "I get too many bills in the mail"), but hearing someone in a big show is often very different.


She was GREAT and the show was a lot of fun! I have always admired people who can sing a song so effortlessly and with so much emotion. My shower singing has that too, I'm sure, but dogs howling is not the same as an audience of people cheering and applauding.

The show is chock a' block full of fun songs, dancing and energy. Her co-star in the show, Harry Groener, was good (and besides his many credits, will forever be known to me as "the mayor" on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and another of her co-stars, Meredith Patterson, is quite famous recently to all of us "Boston Legal" fans as Missy Tiggs, the annoyingly cute singing ex-fiance of Tom Selleck this past year. Such a funny character...

After the show, we had dinner with a few of her castmates, then came home to catch up, then get some sleep.

Also, as some of you know from my recent travels abroad, I have a "wee" bit of an issue with large spiders. For the past few nights, I've noticed this spider hanging in a web between a nearby tree and Kerry's balcony. It's been far enough away for me to still sleep soundly and, since it was dark, I couldn't really get a good look at it.

So, last night I saw it again in the same place and decided to try and get a picture of it. After a few trys, here is what I got...


What the ass kind of spider is that?


Wow Houston, look at the time....gotta go soon.


Sissy said...

Enough with the spiders already!!!!!

Seems we both know someone in "The Happening" pal Richard is in it also. He's the guy in the jeep with John Leguizamo; which is where I would like to be. :)

Vampire Hours said...

I remember him...he was an example of why we should always wear seatbelts while driving.

As far as the spiders...I certainly could do with out them.