Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Words on fire


There are a LOT of unhappy people out there in the world.

In the course of an hour today, I witnessed three examples of this. A customer at the Post Office who, unprovoked, decided he needed to tell the guy behind the counter how to do his job and how to do it quicker. His tone was immediately dismissive and condescending...no wonder those employees go postal.

After leaving the Post Office, I allowed a gal to exit a parking lot to merge into the opposite lane. The man in the truck behind me thought that laying on his horn would help her navigate the oncoming traffic quicker. It didn't...

While waiting for my McLunch, a burly man decided to lecture the manager, at the height of the lunch madness, about not getting enough direct eye contact when he ordered his meal. The manager seemed surprised and tried to apologize, but the man proceeded to just yell at him anyway, not giving him any opportunity to talk, then grabbed his Mcbag and left.

What a McAss.


I know that these are difficult times and people are under a lot of pressure. However, it is often quite disturbing to witness the surge of people in this world who feel justified in lashing out at others on any given day...just because they can.

It's no wonder there is so much crime and violence...the amount of people barely hanging on mentally appears to be overwhelming at times.

It's sad...but certainly something everyone should keep in mind when they're out and about. Pick your battles and pick them well. The wrong word to the wrong person can be deadly these days.

A smile, a "Thank You", a "Have a nice day" used to work in days of yore...

The only way for us to ever bring a little peace and joy back into this world is if we each do our best, on a daily basis, to treat people in the way we like to be treated.

It's really not that difficult and certainly makes a very big difference in the grand scheme of things.

The Karma police must be overwhelmed these days...


I'm heading to Houston tomorrow through Sunday to see a friend in a play. I've never been to Houston, so I'm looking forward seeing her in the show (plus she has a role in the new movie "The Happening" that opens on Friday...so we're gonna see that with her too).

I'm also looking forward to exploring the city and seeing if everyone really does drive around with gun racks in the back of their pickup trucks.

As for me, I'll be "shooting" pictures on my camera and posting them here, if all goes well.

Oh...I also watched the remake of "Sybil" that was on Saturday night...

Remember what I said about Nora Ephron and the studio that remade "Bewitched"?

I believe Nora has a new neighbor now...


My Life .... said...

Hmm I agree with you. There are sooooo many angry people out there is unbelievable. I had a lady the other day going off at me because she did not like the sound of the air that was coming out of jer A/C. I felt like saying, I'd be kind enough to put a plastic bag over your head if you want me to .. that way you'll have no air LOL ... Have a good trip to Houston, I hope you don't get nightmares from watching The Happening hehe..

Vampire Hours said...

She's lucky she had you dealing with her and not someone else. Otherwise, the bag option may have been her only one. =)

Brad said...

Whenever I encounter someone raging with out reason, the only thought I'm left with is: Sucks to be you.

Yeah, my empathy could use a little work.

Vampire Hours said...

Sucks to be you is often what I think too. It's hard to be empathetic every day...without just punching someone in the neck who deserves it.

Hmmm...maybe I need to do that too.