Friday, June 20, 2008

Super Mario

Maybe it's the 111 degree heat AGAIN today, but after I poured myself out of the car, got the mail and went into the house....I noticed something that took my mind off of the awfulness outside.


The cover of the new People magazine and the header "Mario Lopez Bares All".

Hmmm...I needed some inspiration and was certain that it was a humanitarian story of his struggle making it as a latino actor in the model-eat-model city of Los Angeles.

I was right...


The story begins with his challenging upbringing on a deserted island with Brooke Shields.

After swimming for 3 weeks in the open sea, he managed to be rescued by a Monk in a passing boat and brought to the U.S.




It described his days as an assistant stylist to the stars...


Then working as Richard Gere's stunt double in "American Gigolo" to pay the bills....


Then, his life in Vegas working at Cesar's Palace as a gladiator greeter to the masses...


To better days as a Corona spokesperson.

It was really inspiring, I have to tell you.

Now, if he would only just work out a little bit, get some facial reconstruction surgery and a new set of teeth....

I really think he could make it.


It's all about what's INSIDE that counts and, with his average looks and body, I have a feeling he has a lot going on inside.

Update: Photobucket deleted my original top photo of Mario in the famous Burt Reynolds pose on the rug (his naughty bits were covered). Me thinks they are a tad bit too quick to decide what is inappropriate...


Kasnar Burns said...

Was American Gigilo remade with a new cast? I ask because Mario Lopez was seven years old when American Gigolo came out with Richard Gere. Clearly, Mario Lopez is not seven years old in the photo with that body.

Vampire Hours said... Mario is just a "little" older than seven in that photo. However, I'm sure if they did do a remake of it, he'd want to be in on it. He's like the latin Ryan Seacrest.