Thursday, June 19, 2008

I hate this weather SO much...


It is 111 degrees today and it feels as if you'll just burst into flames the moment you step outside. Honestly, it's too early in the summer for this kind of heat. If this is a preview of things to come, I may need to take a summer trip to Alaska very soon.

The heat made me think of Madeline Kahn's confession speech in the movie "Clue", mainly the part where she talks about how much she hated Yvette, the maid (before killing her)...

God, I miss her!

She was one of the funniest character actresses of her time. And that movie, as cheesy as it is, has some hilarious stuff in it and another of my favorite actresses, Eileen Brennan (also hilarious as Mrs. Peacock).

I also happened upon a Web site that used to sell "Mrs. White Flames" tshirts. It says they're sold out, but I'm gonna email them anyway and see if I can arrange to get one now.

How could you not?

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