Friday, June 13, 2008

A happening day


Not enjoying the heat so much...

It's been in the upper 90's since I got here and, I have to admit, its kinda ass. The thing about heat is that, with it, there seems to be an extreme lack of cool. When it's too cold, you can always put on more clothes to get warm. When it's hot, you can only get so naked and're still hot.

And the police tend to try to arrest you....again.

Luckily, Houston has this cool (literally and figuratively) underground walkway system that connects most of the downtown buildings for just this reason. It allows you to get from place to place without being "above" in the sweltering heat. It's also very clean and bright and without the smell of urine and mouth that I was expecting to experience. As a result, the sidewalks in the city look almost empty most of the day.





The city has a variety of interesting art pieces scattered about...very modern and colorful. I'm not a big arty person, but I can appreciate most of it for what it is.

Well....most of it.


This particular piece looks like something my little niece threw together for her kinder-care class. It's a somewhat famous project and is featured prominently in one of the big buildings in the middle of the city. Hmmmm...

I should have kept all of my pathetic shop class projects. If I had known that they could be considered "art" in Houston, I could have moved here and lived a life of luxury and fame.

You live and you learn...


We're going to see Kerry's play tonight, which is very exciting. She is playing THE American in Paris, so I think she'll have a pretty big part in the show. We stopped by the theater yesterday for a few minutes and she took me backstage to see where all the magic occurs.


I got to see her dressing room, which was fun. It took all of my willpower to NOT sit down in one of the chairs and put on some of the fun costumes and such in the room. However, I do believe I've found my outfit for the show tonight...

I think I'll wear this hat...


Unless it's too hot (I don't want the fruit to go bad), then I'll wear this hat (if Cher can part with it for the night)...


And this outfit...


They're subtle, but formal enough to fit into the bustling Houston theater crowd.

I'd hate to stand out.

Oh, we're also going to see the new movie "The Happening" this afternoon. Kerry has a small part in it too (she plays a mother who gets a disturbing call from her daughter), so that should be fun. I suggest seeing her movie over that Hulk this weekend.

Didn't the Hulk come out about 5 years ago anyway?

Do we really need another one with not one, but TWO badly CGI'd Hulks?

Me thinks not...


Brad said...

I've always appreiciated your fashion sense.

Sounds like hot sticky fun - I love Houston but the humidity is killer.

Mark Ward said...

You're not supposed to wear a big hat. You're supposed to wear big HAIR. Get some Aqua Net and tease it up ("when in Rome...").Houston is hot, hot, hot (not my favorite place). I do like Hugo's, however. I am anxious to hear how "The Happening" fares....

Vampire Hours said...

I do have a unique sense of fashion for sure. Will look into the Aqua Net. Wonder how fruit does with that?