Monday, June 9, 2008

3G iPhone announced today


Well, Steve Jobs unveiled his newest baby today...the 3G iPhone.

It will be pretty much what the name implies: a device that looks much like the existing iPhone, but with a 3G radio and built-in GPS features, available July 11 in 22 countries (growing to 70 later in the year).

But what will stick out is the price: $199 for the 8GB model. So compared with the existing $399 8GB iPhone, you're getting pretty much the same features and a much faster network for half the price. No wonder Apple has tried to use up its supplies of current iPhones - after today, I'm not sure who would buy one. In addition, the iPhone 3G sets a new bar that all "smart phones" will be measured against.

Sounds like it's gonna be very fancy and all the kids will probably be buying them up the moment they hit the shelves.

I've seen the current iPhones work and, as fun to play with as they are, I still wish they'd fold up, like most of the "Star Trek-type" cell phones out there.

I'd also like them to be encased in indestructible rubber so that, when dropped, they would bounce right back up into my hand...rather, than shattering into a million little pieces on the ground below.

Is that too much to ask?

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Mark Ward said...

I was one of those that purchased the IPhone in the first week of release. I have no regrets. I was happy with the $100 rebate. I love it with one major exception. The battery (after several months) SUCKS! It does not have a very long life. I cannot get through a full day without it running out of juice. This would suck if I was still traveling. Actually, it sucks any way. Have they done anything about the battery? Does Steve Jobs read your blog?