Monday, June 2, 2008

Dogs just wanna have fun


Rue McClanahan is dressed in her "Golden Girls" best.

I went to my friend's dog show yesterday and had a really fun time. As you know, when you're at an event like that, you're surrounded by a very eclectic array of canines and canine owners. Most dog-lovers are great and very sound human beings. Then, there are the owners that are just a "wee" bit too into the whole dog thing....


They often speak to their dogs as people and respond to them in the same way. They dress them up (as you can tell by Rue's wig and outfit above) or cart them around in little baskets (above), so they don't get tired.

By the end of the day, I was wishing that someone would push me around in one of those carts.


This guy had a cute puppy....not the kind of dog you'd expect from a big guy like this. Then, I saw the back of his shirt...


Hmmm...that dog better keep in line if he plans to reach adulthood.

There were a mix of celebrities there throughout the day helping to judge events. The best was Shirley "Mrs. Partridge" Jones.


She was just as nice as you'd expect and stayed out there in the sun far longer than I would have for most of the day.


Dee Wallace (the mom from "ET", among other things) was also there and looked pretty darn good for a woman of her age. Quite sassy...


There was a guy from "Baywatch", David Chokachi, who brought his little dog too.


Allison Janney from "West Wing" showed up towards the end of the competition, but seemed very nice. I wonder what contest she won for her blue ribbon...


And, Rip Taylor was there too. I tried to get a better picture of him before he left, but he seemed to disappear in a poof of this will have to do (a glitter-free photo, as you can see).

I wonder if that is his "wife"....?


I thought this company had a funny name.

It was a fun day, full of interesting competitions ("Most Playful", "Best Trick"). My friend's dog, Zora, won first place in two competitions...."Best Pit Bull Mix" and "Best Smile".


She does have quite a smile, don't you think?


Brad said...

Dogs are the best - I'd lose what little sanity I've got left it wasn't for my Golden - looks like a lot of fun out there.

gonoles84 said...

Well if that is Rip's "wife", she's definitely wearing last season's Eva Gabor short and sassy doo! Now you'd think with his fine assortment of hair pieces and extensions they could work out a better solution for her hair needs.

Vampire Hours said...

I love the Golden favorite breed for sure.

As far as Rip's "wife"...I have a feeling that the two of them fought over that particular wig before the event and she won. He's probably wearing it to the market today.