Thursday, May 7, 2009

Double Doodie

Entertainment Weekly has issued two different "Star Trek" covers this week, which is nice. Although, since only one cover is mailed or for sale in any particular state or region, I can't seem to find both of them (I need the Kirk/Uhura one above).

The "helpful" EW customer service folks said that, although they printed and sold both covers, they couldn't actually confirm that I'd get the cover that I wanted...I'd just have to "take my chances and hope for the best".

I know that someone tracks those covers to see which sells better, so I don't think it should be that difficult to track down a particular cover for someone who wants to buy one. So, I'll continue to bug their customer service department and, if they don't help, then on to the corporate peeps.

Corporate offices always love to deal with little stuff like this. I imagine they look something like these disturbing Burger "King-ons"....

So, if anyone out there is able to find the Kirk/Uhura EW magazine at their local Piggly Wiggly and grab one for me...I'd really appreciate it.

A little bit of box office info: Since 91% of all online tickets for "Star Trek" on Fandango have been sold (far exceeding last weeks pre-sell of "Wolverine"), Paramount Studios moved up the opening of the film from tomorrow to TONIGHT at 7:00 pm in all that's very cool. I already have my tickets for the midnight show tonight at the big Cinerama Dome theater in Hollywood.

I'm taking my camera in case some of the kids dress up, which is always entertaining.

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