Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost in translation

With the season finale of "Lost" airing tonight, viewers will be left with several months to ponder how the next, and final, season of the show will come to an end and whether all of their questions will be answered.

Is that even possible?

Although we've have been given a bit more information on some things, like the mysterious smoke monster/island guard/mind-reader/thingy (above), we still don't know who created it and how it continues to survive (if it's, in fact, even a living thing).

Entertainment Weekly has posted a few of the enduring mysteries of the island that have yet to be solved.

Like John Locke...he was crippled before the crash, able to walk after the crash, was killed by Ben after he left the island and, now that he's back on the island...he's alive and walking again.

If I was him, I'd stay on the island.

Life seems to suck for him any time he leaves.

Speaking of Ben, what's he up to now? He was leader of the Others before he left the island and, now that he's back on the island, he seems to be at the mercy of John and his seemingly heightened connection with the island and his mission.

One thing that hasn't changed...he's still got one of the creepiest looks around and kudos to the casting people who found a child actor to play young Ben who looked equally as creepy.

What's the deal with everyone wanting Claire's baby, Aaron, and on top of that...where the hell is Claire?

Last we saw of her, she (or her ghost/spirit) was hanging out with "Jacob" (whoever or whatever he is).

Is she dead? Is she hiding? Is doing the Lambada on the far side of the island?

I mean, I'd is the forbidden dance.

Just how old is the island Dorian Gray, Richard Alpert? He hasn't aged a bit in any flashback or flashforward, yet he doesn't seem to remember running into John in the past.

Or does he?

Hopefully these and many other questions will be answered before the series ends next year. It should make for a very interesting season.

Until then...let the mind-warping quandaries continue.

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