Thursday, May 21, 2009

Idol Nonsense

It seems that Kris was even surprised that he won...

So shocked was he that Allen's first words culminated into something that has never been heard in the history of the hit show before -- an acknowledgment that the runner-up "deserved to win."

Allen's surprise couldn't begin to match that of viewers. By trouncing the guy-liner wearing Goliath that was Lambert, Allen's win sent a shock wave through a nation of "Idol" worshippers.

Although I haven't watched the show since Kelly Clarkson won, it seems that everyone is shocked and surprised that Kris beat Adam.

Having not seen any of their performances, I still could have predicted that it's highly unlikely that America would choose a "is-he-gay-or-isn't-he" guy-liner-wearing guy over a clean-cut all-American looking guy over .



Anonymous said...

I predicted the winner after the final three and the third finalist Gokey(the dorky) got eliminated which was actually the shocker, Gokey had never been in the bottom three, and everybody was expecting an Adam Lambert/Danny Gokey finals but Kris was the dark horse, and after Gokey was gone, I knew those who voted for Gokey would most likely vote for Kris since they both appeal to the pop rock crowd, compared to Lamberts hardRock/gothic image crowd.

Adam's choice of music genre is limited to hardcore almost gothic rock and rollers.
So its PopRock beats Hard rock, plain and simple.
So stop politicizing it, or you'll be waterboarded!

Vampire Hours said...

LOL...sounds like someone spent just a "wee" bit of time watching the show. All of your reasonings make sense, but I think they also go along with my assumption too (Adams looks along with his music genre).

He could have sung pop well too and I still think they'd have picked Kris. =)

Anonymous said...

Didn't document... but picked Allen early on. No great analytics, just sensed he would prevail. Lambert is a superstar, and woth wathcing "Mad Wrold." Genius. Taylor Hicks was first.

Vampire Hours said...

I see. Many people were rooting for Kris, so I'm sure there are a lot of happy folks now. I'm glad I stopped watching after Kelly Clarkson won. She's enjoyable. =)

gonoles84 said...