Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ship Shapes

Wherever I go with my camera, I always try to find interesting views or design elements within a particular location. The cruise ship was no exception...

The inside of the ship had a lot of Deco design elements and muted colors.

This area in the gym reminded me of the Ten-Forward lounge (where Whoopie and her large hats hung out on "Star Trek: The Next Generation").

Of course, there were several areas where you could eat pretty much around the clock (food-cooked-by-others is always my favorite).

And of course, viewing the ship at night when most people are inside dancing, eating, drinking, or sleeping is always nice. The way the light casts a soothing calm glow over the party-free deck as soft music plays in the background is always very relaxing to me.

A cruise can pretty much be whatever you want it to be, which is nice.

It's kinda like's whatever you choose to make of it.

But, in this case, with other people cooking and cleaning for you.


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