Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek opening night

I went to the midnight show of "Star Trek" with friends last night and, although there were a few people dressed up in costume...there certainly weren't near as many as they have had in Star Trek opening nights past.

However, the people that did get decked out weren't freaky and, surprisingly, I saw a few really cute couples who seemed to just be out to have fun together and enjoy the overall experience.

I like that.

I think those two should have gotten together.

As expected, the show was sold out and the line at the concession stand was packed and moving at a snail's pace. As with any opening night, you could feel the high energy and excitement in the air. Everyone was given a free T-shirt (free is always in my budget) and a Star Trek branded iPhone cover, so that was enjoyable.

The theater also had some of the costumes on display in the lobby. Joel was happy to see that quality leather shoes were still available in the future.

We all really enjoyed the movie (even with the high pitched woman cackling behind us throughout the film who came close to getting a fresh can of Oscar Whoopass opened on her at several points) and, overall, the crowd reaction was crazy positive. This was the second viewing for me and I enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than the first time I saw it.

It made $7 million just last I'm curious to see how it does overall this weekend. It's a movie that non-Trek people really seem to like too, so I'm hoping that word spreads around and it does much better than other Star Trek movies have done in the past (only one of them, Star Trek IV: Voyage Home" broke $100 million here in the states).

If any of you see it (and I highly recommend you do), let me know what you thought!

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