Friday, July 9, 2010

Calendar Girl

I bet it sells better than the Jessica Tandy Calendar.

Betty White will be wrapping up her big year by releasing a 2011 Calendar for all of her fans:

Golden Girls star Betty White has created a calendar to raise funds for a wildlife charity in the US. Royalties from the actress's 2011 calendar will go towards the Morris Animal Foundation which White supports.

I love me some Betty White and am so happy that she's gotten all the publicity that she has this year. She's always hilarious, gracious and is one of the funniest women around. If you haven't been watching "Hot In Cleveland" on TVLand, you should start! It really is a funny show and the cast is a hoot to watch.

March looks like a really good month.


Betty said...

Betty also has her own clothing line with HoodieBuddie! I just got mine and love it! There are headphones built into the drawstrings...definitely a great buy, plus Betty is all the rage right now!

Vampire Hours said...

Hopefully the headphones are in the hoodie drawstrings only...and not in the matching sweat pants drawstrings.

That would be...uncomfortable.