Thursday, July 8, 2010

Downloadable Huggies?


I'm already creeped out by scary dolls, so the idea of having one of these "Baby-bots" wandering around the house or neighborhood really isn't helping things...

Did you notice there's been a proliferation of robot infants, robot toddlers, and robot children in the past few years? It seems roboticists enjoy becoming parents to bionic babies. They build them for a good reason: These bots help researchers not only learn more about robotics but also investigate human cognition, language acquisition, and motor development. Some Japanese researchers even say robot babies could help introduce young people to the wonders of parenthood and boost birth rates.

Boost birth rates?

I don't think having one of those plugged into a wall beside the bed is gonna help anyone get in the mood for relations.



gonoles84 said...

Speaking of Huggies....there is a very funny commercial advertising their new denim diapers. Here's a link to the spot: Get out your Depends!

Vampire Hours said...

I love that commercial and the tagline "The best you'll look pooping your pants!"

I need to get some of those for myself.