Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm older spice

Since today is my birthday (and I've chosen not to cry, if I want to), I've decided to post a few of these Old Spice Commercial musical remixes because they make me laugh.

And laughter is the best medicine.

Well...after vodka, of course.

Yes...I'd actually like a man who smells like a cake.

I love the split screen part where he is singing the "Do do do do do's" along with himself.

I'm easily amused.

I keep looking...back at him.

He's on a horse.

Still laughing...


Dean said...

Ken, I saw this and had to post it for you.

Roland said...

Ken, You addiction to Isaiah Mustafa has affected me negatively in the following ways: You used to enjoy life and have time for the little things. Now you're obsessed with huffing old spice. Isaiah Mustafa doesn't care if I starve. Please accept the help that is being offered today, and go to the treatment center...where there are no horses.

Vampire Hours said...

Glad he's getting work for sure. And, as far as my Old Spice commercial obsession...for every finger pointing at me, you have four others pointing back at you.