Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tweet Spice

The Old Spice brand executed a hilarious Twitter campaign yesterday where their sexy spokesperson, Isaiah Mustafa, tweeted customized video responses to a variety of tweets, some even from celebrities, he was sent over the course of a few hours.

Like this one from Alyssa Milano...

And this one from Rose McGowan...

The Old Spice team really did a great job getting people to participate and the results and response from the public was the stuff Social Media campaign creators dream of. This from Mashable:

"In this amazingly well run campaign, the team behind it managed to engage half of the Internet, and provoke almost unequivocally positive results from social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter. Hell, even the comments on YouTube were overwhelmingly positive – and that never happens. The Old Spice Twitter account accumulated tens of thousands of new followers; the YouTube videos amassed hundreds of thousands of views. Old Spice did it by doing everything perfectly.

The Old Spice guy recorded his video responses in rapid succession, an amazing feat in itself which cannot be truly appreciated if you’ve never been in front of a camera. His answers were a perfect mix of coolness and the stuff internet memes are made of.

Like this wedding proposal tweet...

The actual brand – Old Spice – was never shoved into viewers’ throats. Most importantly, all of it was incredibly fun to watch. The team behind the campaign took great care to engage celebrities, influencers, common folks and popular social media sites in equal amount."

Even their "The Campaign Is Over Now" video was well-planned and contained an Old Spice commercial random ending...

I wish they had pulled back and showed him sitting on a horse.

THAT would have made the campaign perfect.

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