Monday, July 5, 2010

Doesn't suck

Seems that the Twilight-kids spent a little money this weekend...

The third pic in the franchise, and the best-reviewed, went on to make $24.2M Thursday, $28.6M Friday, $23.9M Saturday, $13.7 Sunday, and an estimated $16.4M Monday. So that's $69M for the 3-day weekend, and $82.5M for the 4-day July Fourth Holiday, $162 for the first 5 days, and a total $175.3M for the full 6-day release.

Eclipse topped the foreign circuit this weekend with $104.6M from 6,951 screens in a relatively contained opening break of 42 territories.

Worldwide total: $279.6 M. Film's budget: $68 M.

Wow...that's a LOT of cash to make in 6 days.

I need to come up with the next big movie franchise that teen girls will go nuts over.


I wonder if I could write a script that would make yard gnomes mysterious and sexy?

I think we'd have to lose the beards...and the hats.

And they'll need abs.

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