Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ed McMahon passed away yesterday...

McMahon, known to generations of Americans through "Tonight," "Star Search," "TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes" and as a commercial pitchman, died Tuesday. He was 86.

Ed certainly made a name for himself working with Johnny Carson all of those years and he continued to work during and after Johnny left the show on a wide variety of projects.

I remember his Publisher's Clearing House commercials and always hoped that one day I'd see him at my door with that large check. Unfortunately for me, it looks like Cang Ta mailed hers in a bit earlier than I did that year.

In his later years, Ed ran into some financial trouble (from bad investments and a divorce) and ended up taking a variety of "interesting" pitchman jobs to help cover the bills. Dressing as a rapper for was one of was his last job promoting

It shows you that he, like everyone, was human and prone to some of the same life-stuff that everyone faces in the world. But, he handled it the best he could, found options, and moved forward.

I'm sure Johnny would be proud.

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