Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I guess if girls can grace fashion magazine covers wearing very little...so can the boys.

Bruce Willis and his new bride are on the cover of "W" magazine and have done a risque S&M-themed layout inside for all to see. He's certainly in amazing shape and, I suppose, if faux-humping his bride is the way he wants to introduce her to the world...then have at it.

Sometimes a simple wedding image just isn't enough to fully express your newfound love.

Also, GQ has just started promoting their first nude cover and, of all the people they could have chosen...Sasha Baron Cohen's cheekage won the slot (so to speak).

I guess Mario Lopez, LL Cool J and Abe Vigoda were busy.

Maybe having his crack in Eminem's face at the Grammy's wasn't considered enough publicity for his upcoming movie.

Sometimes you just have to bare it all to lure people into the theaters these days.

I blame Sharon Stone.

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