Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photo Class Two

This image is from a wedding I shot recently. I thought she was too young to get married, but who am I to judge?

I just finished my advanced photography class at the local college. Thankfully there was no written exam at the end (my brain holds so little information these days), so we just had to do a portfolio of some of our best shots from this quarter.

This was from the "close-up abstract" assignment.

This one was from our "Wet" assignment. Incidently, it's of a spider web that, no matter how many times I try to get rid of it on the keeps coming back.

This was from our "Perspective" assignment. It's looking through the concrete bases of three picnic tables in the park.

This was from our "CD Cover" assignment. Thankfully, we had this glass head hanging around the house (you just never know when you may need one).

This was from our "Body Parts" assignment. My "models" were Ebony and Ivory...

This was from our "Urban Landscape" assignment (photos of city life).

And this was from our "Using Flash with Motion" assignment.

Overall, I learned a few new things and, for me, that is a small miracle that I've come to appreciate.

Now, retaining that information is always the challenge....

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