Monday, March 8, 2010

The envelope please...

The Academy Awards were actually a lot of fun tonight. I thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's opening was hilarious. The writing was funny and they really played off of each other nicely. That Paranormal Activity spoof they did was a riot!

There were some obvious winners (Mo'Nique and Jeff Bridges) and some interesting surprises (The Hurt Locker winning over Avatar and Sandra Bullock winning over Meryl Streep).

Plus, my roommate Joel redesigned, printed out, and framed some really fun movie posters to include a few of our friends who came over to watch the show tonight. So, of course, I have to share those here too.

Another nice surprise was Star Trek winning an award for Best Makeup. It is the first Academy Award that any Star Trek movie has ever won (and there have been ten other Treks before this one). So, naturally I was very excited about that (as you can see by my smile in the poster above).

Unfortunately, not everyone who is nominated can win. Like Colin Firth in A Single Man (which is a great movie, if you haven't seen it).

Matt Damon didn't win for Invictus (although it's always nice to see him).

Sherlock Holmes didn't win either, but I thought Robert Downey Jr. was quite entertaining while presenting with Tina Fey (who I always enjoy) for the writing awards.

Even though Hugh Jackman did a nice job hosting last year, I kinda hope they let Steve and Alec host again next year. Or Abe Vigoda and Betty White...they were sure funny together in that Snickers commercial.

I also think that Sean Penn might have been tipping the hooch backstage before he presented tonight. Otherwise, can someone please explain to me what the hell he was rambling on about before he finally handed out his award?

I haven't seen Inglourious Basterds yet, but I hear that Christoph Waltz (the guy who won Best Supporting Actor) was really good. Although, I'm just not sure I can sit through the scalpings and other bloody stuff that is supposed to be scattered throughout the film.

Has anyone seen Young Victoria? I do enjoy Emily Blunt (she was so funny in The Devil Wears Prada), so was happy that it at least won an award for Costume Design.

Because...without costumes, everyone would be naked in every movie.

And, as we learned from Harvey Keitel in The Piano...that isn't always a good thing.


Anonymous said...

That was brilliant. What an awesome job with photo shop. Ken as Spock ... nice touch.

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah...he did a great job and it's fun to at least be a fake part of the Star Trek universe.

I might just have to get a new haircut and have my ears "done". =)

gonoles84 said...

Methinks the DVD is coming out today and I'm seeing the poster image everywhere. I cackle everytime I see it thinking of Joel's masterpiece(s). It is forever etched....nay, I say burrrrrned in my brain.