Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot in Cleveland

It looks like Betty White's career continues to be on an upswing...

TV Land has signed Emmy Award-winning and audience-adored actress Betty White to star in the highly anticipated TV Land PRIME Original sitcom Hot in Cleveland, which is scheduled to premiere in June. White will take on the role of the snarky but lovable Elka Ostrovsky, property caretaker of the home that co-stars Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick rent after their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland and they decide to stay.

Besides Betty, I'm really excited that they also got Wendie Malick (always so funny on Just Shoot Me!) and Jane Leeves (Daphne from Frasier). Plus, it's nice to see Jenny Craig alumni, Valerie Bertinelli, back on TV again. Although, she doesn't look quite as bikini-friendly here as she did a few months ago in all the magazine spreads.

But, the fact that she's part of the cast at least dispells the nasty rumor that Kirstie Alley had eaten her.

If the show is half as entertaining as this preview...we may have some must-see TV Land to watch soon.


Roland said...

I wonder if Faith Ford will be joining this group. Unless something has changed, I believe Val, Jane and Faith are all best friends.

Remember when Lucille Ball entered wearing a track suit in her forgetable return to television "Life with Lucy?" She could have used a good Nazi joke.

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah...the poor "Life with Lucy" show was awful.

Of course, my favorite track-suit wearing sitcom gal is still Lisa Kudrow's Valerie Cherish in "The Comeback".

I do miss that show.

gonoles84 said...

Can't. Wait. I saw this on the twitter last night and had to post on my FB page. It started out as a cameo and the response was so strong, they made her a regular. Also, I loooooove Wendie Malick! Thanks for posting the vid-joe!

Vampire Hours said...

Oh...I always enjoy me some Wendie Malick!